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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Godwin's Law

First they throttled the AzNs, and I did not reconfigure my BitTorrent client -
     because I did not download Korean soap operas.

Then they came for the furries, and I did not build a Linux gateway to actively bounce errant RST packets -
     because furries creep me out.

Then they came for the n00bs, and I did not provide them tech support -
     because I was 1337.

Then they came for me - and there was no one left in my swarm and all my downloads were stuck at 87%.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

180 Degrees

It's summer. Beards and long hair are out. Looking like everyone else is in.

Before: "You dirty fucking hippie, get the hell out of our caucus!"

After: The hair says "Republican" but the goatee screams "iconoclast". Or at least "graphic designer".

RIP Robert Beard

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tom Waits - One Night Stand

One Night Stand
Skydisc Records (USA) 1995
SCD2300 CD Length: (61:43)
Live from "Agora Ballroom": Cleveland, Ohio
August 25, 1976 and December 3, 1976

1. Standing On The Corner (5:45)
2. I Never Talk To Strangers (3:40)
3. The One That Got Away (5:16)
4. Depot Depot (3:42)
5. Jitterbug Boy (5:44)
6. Fumblin' With The Blues (2:40)
7. The Piano Has Been Drinkin' Not Me (9:53)
8. Depot Depot (3:26)
9. Jitterbug Boy (4:48)
10. Emotional Weather Report (5:54)
11. San Diego Serenade (6:07)
12. The One That Got Away (4:50)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hi, Grimes and Mr. Meaner

"My mother says I'm handsome and my heart tells me I'm right."

Representative Dennis "Not taken seriously because he's not very attractive, in that WASPy kind of way that is for some reason a prerequisite for being an effective political leader" Kucinich filed Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Cheney yesterday (110th Congress, Session 1, House Resolution 333, comments from Kucinich). You all read the news, and the case for impeachment doesn't really need much introduction. However, for you lawyerly types, the High Crimes and Misdemeanors include:
  • Claiming that Iraq possessed WMD's before and during the Second Iraq War when he knew there were none (article 1)
  • Asserting a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein when he knew there was none (article 2)
  • Threatening war with Iran without just cause, in violation of the UN Charter (article 3)
"I'm a rich old white man. I have your best interests at heart and I would never dream of enslaving you."

I'm frequently very cynical about the potential for individuals to effect genuine political change in a system tainted by corporate lobbyists and so-called "special interest groups". In that respect, I view this as an opportunity for us to see if Our Democracy can still be saved. More importantly, it's a chance for us to speak up on something that is really a no-brainer. We may disagree on tax cuts, drug laws or the war in general, but this is about Cheney in particular. At this point, the least we should require of him is to defend his actions in a court of law. If he's a criminal, he shouldn't be Vice President. Plain and simple.

Here's a link to the House web site where you can email your Congressperson: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

You don't need to write an essay; chances are that your email won't make it past a lowly staffer. But those staffers tally the email that they read all day and report the results to their Rep. If enough of us make our opinions heard, they will have to listen. (Or, our country and way of life are doomed forever. -cynical radrik) Here's a short sample email:
On Tuesday, Representative Kucinich introduced H.Res. 333 to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Cheney. As one of your constituents, I urge you to vote in favor of impeachment. Thank you.

Dirk Americanner, Private Investigator
"As the Americans learned so painfully in Earth's final century, free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny. The once-chained people whose leaders at last lose their grip on information flow will soon burst with freedom and vitality, but the free nation gradually constricting its grip on public discourse has begun its rapid slide into despotism. Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master." -Commissioner Pravin Lal, "U.N. Declaration of Rights", Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Keep on rockin' in the free world.

P.S. - Ironically, the number 333 (666/2) is the number of Choronzon, the beast who guards the last gate to enlightenment, devouring the minds of unprepared mystics. (See Wikipedia - Choronzon and Erowid - Ego Loss)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Now You Can Blog In Hindi!


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things I Don't Do

I don't write poetry
Because the only thing I know about poetry is
Poetry doesn't have to rhyme.

Also, I don't read books. If you're like me and prefer movies to books, watch Factotum instead of reading Factotum or being a factotum.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

America's Attempts at Space Flight Begin to Resemble American Foreign Policy

(Click the link for the full story. Thanks to Lyndon for bringing this to my attention.)

Lyndon: it was kind of like a golf club hitting a lighter
it's like hitting a lighter with a golf club when what you were expecting was more mentos and diet coke